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Vinyl Cut Lettering

Specialty Gold Leaf Decals Signs

The windows of your store or business represent free advertising space. While anyone can tape up posters and signs in their window space, customers are guaranteed to recognize the difference between a boring storefront and a sleek, custom-designed window display. Caya Signs has been in the Nanaimo sign business since 1970. Our team of professional designers is prepared to help you create the sophisticated window advertising you need to show your customers that you mean business.

Choosing Your Vinyl Signage

Decorating your storefront with custom-designed vinyl is a great opportunity to market the selling points of your business. Whatever your business’ advertising needs or goals, our vinyl advertising options will ensure that you meet them.

If you wish to keep your windows clear or have already used up the space, our vinyl decals can also be applied to a wide variety of other surfaces. As long as the chosen surface is kept smooth and clean, your vinyl decal or lettering can be safely applied to materials including:

Vinyl Lettering
Vinyl Decals
Gold Leaf Lettering
Store Hours Decals
Foam display boards
PVC boards, plastic

Caya Signs uses only the most durable materials in our sign manufacturing process. Your vinyl decals and lettering is built to last both indoors and outdoors, giving you the widest range of advertisement options possible. To find out more about what makes Caya Signs Nanaimo’s sign manufacturing company of choice, or to order vinyl signage guaranteed to transform your storefront, give us a call at 250.753.5213 today.